‘Can you repeat that?’, ‘Can you hear me?’, ‘I’m sorry, there’s a lot of background noise’.

These are the statements that plague business video calls globally and they’re enough to derail the flow of a perfectly good presentation or meeting.

To ensure that every word is heard, Jabra introduced its range of professional audio and video equipment to SMB owners across Australia, giving them the confidence to close deals, shift the needle and get things done without audio interruptions. By encouraging decision makers to work from anywhere, Jabra inspired a generation of SMBs to look past the water cooler and rethink what, or where, an office is.

Which leads us to the introduction of Sam, the hapless businessman that falls victim to the unpredictability of basic audio technology that we’ve all experienced at one point or another. In a series of 4 videos, we follow Sam and the good fortune he finds after he puts on a pair of Jabra headphones.

To drum up attention around the videos, the campaign used giveaway competitions, a breakfast talk show host, and recyclable dog-poo bags to increase awareness, educate the market and drive the adoption of professional audio and video conferencing equipment.